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The elevated, expansive views of San Diego Bay are more than just a beautiful backdrop at Vistal. San Diego Bay was built upon a rich history of commercial fishing, which was nearly wiped out during the 20th century, and through a resurgence in demand for sustainable dining alternatives has made a comeback. Vistal couldn’t be situated better, and partners with the last remaining bayfront seafood processor, Chula Seafood, as well as celebrity fisherman Tommy Gomes of Tunaville, to source specific seafood species found right off the coast of San Diego. 

The drive from fishing boat to Vistal’s kitchen is less than 10 minutes, with specific fishing boats scheduled to service a bold new vision challenging the status quo of restaurant seafood service. Vistal is a recognized Industry Leader by Smart Catch and also an active member in Positively Groundfish, both advocating for sustainable fishing practices utilizing species that exist in state-managed fisheries right here in Southern California.

Utilizing not only hyper-locally sourced seafood, but also locally sourced farmer’s market produce, the Vistal culinary team offers a regional culinary experience based on the flavors of Northern Baja Callifornia, married with classic California modern cuisine.

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